Tuesday, July 15, 2014

CISP's 10th Year

        Since I haven't been as faithful in posting pictures and stories this past year, I thought it would be good to just give an overview of the school year, especially since CISP celebrated its 10th year this past year! Not only did we enjoy the benefits of ACSI accreditation, official recognition, and a beautiful new building, but we also participated in many school wide activities which developed a wonderful sense of community and school spirit among us.  We hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony, had a basketball and volleyball team, participated in a spirit week, and gathered for a year end 5k run and picnic to celebrate our school.


Kelly, our 1-2 second teacher, helps students
with their scavenger hunt during Open House

My class dressed in our finest for the first of monthly
dress up days to celebrate CISP's 10th year anniversary

Beautiful CISP cupcakes to celebrate our school's "official" opening

CISP Leslie Johnson and Prague 2 Mayor cut the ceremonial ribbon
On our Reading Adventure Day, students dressed like a character
from a favorite book and participated in various reading activities

What better way to appreciate our school's diversity than
to bring in traditional foods from each of our countries?


We got a special Pajama Day for meeting our elementary reading goal!
Our entire school participated in a Christmas program
in which students used drama, songs, videos, art,
and Scripture recitation to represent promises of God throughout Scripture. 

The elementary students and teachers posed for the 100th Day of School

My class is being crazy as usual and
showing school spirit with our 100th day attire.
We either wore 100 items or dressed like we were 100 years old!


Spirit Week
Pajama Day, the perfect (and possibly only) acceptable
occasion for me to wear my onesie in public!
For "dress as a teacher or student" day,
Karin and I chose each other.  See any resemblance?

Do we look wacky enough for Wacky Wednesday?

I found two partners in crime for Character Day.
Can you guess who we are?

The elementary staff on school spirit day!

CISP hosted over 100 students for the annual Honors Choir,
a collaboration of choirs from about seven international schools in Europe.

Although our Field Day plans were cancelled because of the weather,
we still had a marvelous day doing different activities as a whole school.  


Games in the gym

Picnic lunch
Student led prayer groups

At the last all-school chapel of the year, the seniors led us in worship
and shared some advice and encouragement for returning students.

10th Year Celebration

There's no better way to begin our celebration than a 5k and mile fun run!
Mile run?  No problem! These students are ready to race!
(Well, except for the lack of shoes... But they've certainly got heart, am I right?)

Leah, coordinator of our school's first 5k and fun run,
gave last minute instructions to us runners before we begin the race!

Though we weren't even close to crossing the finish line first,
my friend Emma and I still finished with a smile! 

My third grade girls and I posed for a picture
while waiting for the 5k winners to be announced.
I will miss teaching these sweet young ladies! 

Once the winners were announced and rewarded,
everyone enjoyed a family picnic on our school's pitch

Every homeroom class made a creative display of
each school year over the past 10 years.
We then gathered in the chapel for the program.
The high school choir serenaded us with a beautiful a cappella piece

The elementary students sang the hymn "Man of Sorrows"

Our director, who has been at our school
since it began, gave us a brief history of CISP.
Later, her daughter, CISP's first graduate,
shared her appreciation of the education and
environment she experienced at our school.

After the program, we enjoyed some delicious homemade cakes
 to celebrate God's faithfulness to CISP for ten years!

We are so thankful for everyone who has supported CISP financially and especially those who have prayed so faithfully for our community.  Though we have faced incredible obstacles to our school's improvement and growth, God continues to amaze us with His provision and grace.  We're looking forward to see all He has in store for the next ten years!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Busy Bees, Frisbee, Mummies, Ribbons, and Visitors

Our theme this year for third grade is to be busy like a bee.  

The Bible has much to say about being diligent 
and working hard, just like bees do!
Not only will we strive to work hard for the Lord in our school work, but we also want to "bee" kind, respectful, a servant, and slow to speak and quick to listen!

My students were so sweet on the first day of school!
They brought me flowers and a delicious apple!

CISP family picnic to kick off the school year

Ultimate frisbee- Staff vs. Students!!!
(We won, of course! But, to be fair, it was a very close game!)
The Chicken Mummy 

Meet Bob, the chicken

First, we washed him and put spices on him.  

Then, we poured salt all over him and dried him out for several weeks.
After the embalming process was complete, we rubbed oil over him
and wrapped him with cloth strips.

Finally, we decorated his sarcophagus.

Ta-da! Bob the Chicken has been successfully mummified!

Making Egyptian collars and charm bracelets

Egyptian government pyramid:
Pharaoh, vizier, noble, priest, scribe, soldier, craftsman, farmer, slave
Egyptian party!
Welcome to the grand opening of CISP!!

Preston Pearce, the chairman of our school board,
welcomed everyone to the ceremony.
Our high school choir performed a beautiful a capella piece
called "The Stone That the Builders Rejected."

The middle school choir joined the high school to sing "Let Us Adore."

Our director, Leslie Johnson, gave a brief history of CISP's
journey over the past ten years from its beginning to where it is today.
The director of Prague's Teen Challenge program gave a testimony about how CISP students have volunteered at Teen Challenge and made an impact on Roma youth there.

The Prague 2 mayor also gave a brief speech during the ceremony.
A high school student shared a poem he wrote.

This CISP parent shared about her family's experience with CISP.
I taught her oldest daughter last year, and her youngest daughter is in my class this year!
Students, teachers, parents, officials, and other attendees lined the stairs to watch the ribbon cutting.

Our director and the Prague 2 mayor cut the ribbon together.

Time to celebrate!!

 Prague meets my parents...
Vltava River with the Prague Castle in the background

My Czech friend Alis works as a tour guide occasionally,
so she graciously offered to take us on a tour around Prague!

Old Town Square

On a delightful fall hike beside Karlstejn Castle

My Czech friends Vaclav and Veronika invited us over for a delicious Czech meal!

We saw an absolutely incredible performance
by the Czech Philharmonic Symphony.

On our way to a quaint tourist town called Cesky Kromlov

We stayed an amazing hostel called the Krumlov House.

While walking around the river,
we happened to catch the national kayak and canoe race.
The bright fall leaves made the scenery absolutely stunning!

 I'm so thankful for the beautiful weather God gave us and for His continual grace in situations where my amateur planning and tour guiding fell short!